College Song

The ‘Thomian Song’ was first introduced in the April issue of the College Magazine in 1916. The lyrics of the College Song were written by Mr. Edmund de Livera, a Royalist; and music was composed by Revd. W. A. Stone, 8th Warden of S. Thomas’ College. Prof. R.B.W. Jayasekera, a former choirmaster arranged it with harmony.

The ‘Thomian Song’ is the song of aspiration of all Thomians. The message conveyed in the 5 stanzas calls all Thomians to ‘rally round the flag’. The song tells us to be loyal to our God, our church and our country with the true Thomian characteristics of keenness, gentleness and all round capabilities. It also advises us to rejoice in victory, learn to take defeat and to always stand for our Alma Mater. The 5th line of the 2nd verse was amended in the time of Warden M. L. C. Illangakoon on a suggestion made by the late Mr. Mervyn Casie-Chetty, and ‘King’ was replaced by ‘State’.

Thomians young and Thomians old,
Thomians staunch and true!
Rally round the College Flag,
The Blue, the Black and Blue
To your Alma Mater sing,
Thomians near and far
Loudly let the echo ring,
For all we have and are.

Esto Perpetua
Esto Perpetua
Esto Perpetua
The Blue, Black and Blue forever!

Like the serpent keen and wise,
Harmless as the dove,
By the cross we’re knit in one
Holy bond of love.
Loyal to our Church and state
Both in peace and war,
To the College we will sing
For all we have and are. Chorus

In the field of intellect
Many a prize we’ve won,
And upon the field of sport
Thomians yield to none.
Be it work, or be it play,
We will do and dare.
To the College therefore sing
For all we have and are. Chorus

We rejoice in victory,
When our foes we beat,
We have learnt, when fortune frowns
How to take defeat,
All unfriendly rivalry
From our lives we bar
To the College therefore sing
For all we have and are. Chorus

When into the world we go
For our life’s career,
As the call of duty sounds,
We will answer clear
Onward to the goal we press,
Guided by our star.
To the College therefore sing
For all we have and are. Chorus