International Student Identity Card

Effective from

Together with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we have introduced and produced an identity cards for each of the students in the school from Kindergarten to the College Forms.

This identity card, priced at Rs /- will have to be purchased by the parents through the class teachers and will need to be produced when entering the school. Although there is a cost to the parents to purchase this identity card, it brings with it certain discounts and benefits which the parents will be able to avail at any time during the validity period of the card within the country and outside the country including and not limiting to discounts on certain air tickets and food outlets.

For more information please visit the website for discounts and benefits in Sri Lanka or for global benefits. The issuance of identity cards will commence from the Primary School. Please be kind enough to send the cost of the identity card to the class teacher at your earliest to receive the identity card.

Yours Faithfully