Nursery School Applications for 2022

Effective from 09/08/2021

(for the children of Old Boys of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia ONLY)

Age Group 4+ (Date of birth – 01st February 2017 – 31st January 2018)
Age Group 3+(Date of birth – 01st February 2018 – 31st January 2019)
Age Group 2+(Date of birth – 01st February 2019 – 31st January 2020)

Applications are called for vacancies in the above mentioned age groups for the sons and daughters of Old Boys of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, for the year 2022. Old boys should have been a minimum of 4 years at Mount Lavinia or a minimum of 2 years at Mount Lavinia and 2 years in a Branch School to be eligible to apply for their son’s admission.

Sons of Old Boys admitted in these age groups will be automatically absorbed to the mainstream of the College in the appropriate year. Daughters of Old Boys will be admitted depending on vacancies, but will have to leave at the end of their stay in the Nursery.

Those who wish to apply should visit to purchase and submit the application form online during the period.
09th August 2021 to 23rd August 2021

The cost of an application form is Rs.1,000/- (non-refundable). No application form will be sent or accepted by post.

The purchase and submission of an application form will not guarantee an interview/admission to the school.