The Security Measures

Security Plan in Place

Effective from 28/04/2019

Parents hereby informed of some of the security measures that have been put in place from the second Term 2019, in the wake of the recent terror attacks and in order to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone within the School. While we understand that you may be inconvenienced due to these measures, please be mindful that they have been put in place for the sake of the safety of all during this uncertain time facing our country.

  • The opening dates for each of the sections will be notified officially via SMS through Akura.
  • Parents intending to enter the school must get an appointment with the person you intend to meet. No parent or visitor will be allowed to enter the school without an appointment. You will be expected to surrender the bags you carry to a search by the security at the gate before you will be allowed into the school with a gate pass. All visitors and parents are expected to wear and display clearly, the visitor gate pass. Please note that you will be expected to furnish some form of identification (National Identity Card, Driver’s Licence etc…) in order to get a gate pass. In order to make the process simpler, we advise the parents to refrain from bringing any type of bag into the school.
  • There will be restrictions in parking vehicles in and around the school. No vehicles will be allowed into the school at any time of the day. Further, no parking will be allowed on Hotel Road along the walls of the school and along the Small Club Grounds and Sports complex. This rule is in operation throughout the entire day, whether or not the school is in session. You will need to make the necessary arrangements for parking elsewhere and find your way to the school.
  • We have limited the number of entry / exit points of the school. As such, please note the following.
    • KG, Form I & Form II will be allowed to enter and exit through the Gate near the Palm Beach Hotel only.
    • Upper 3 to Coll Forms will be allowed to enter and exit through the Main Gate and / or the Pool Gate only.
    • No other gates will be opened at any time of the day.


  • In order to limit the traffic congestion on the roads, parents are requested to have the children ready to exit the vehicles and enter the school as soon as the vehicle stops. Parents are encouraged to not walk to the gate with the children, or to stop the vehicles in the middle of the road causing a disturbance to the others. Teachers have been assigned to the gates in the mornings who will ensure that you children enter the school without a problem.


  • At the time of picking up your sons, we ask that you don’t crowd around the gates, posing a potential threat to yourselves, the students and the school. It is possible that anyone intending harm could join the crowd and stand among you while you wait to pick up your sons. We ask you to be vigilant. If you notice an unattended bag or parcel, if you notice someone you don’t think is a parent, please inform security and get it attended to. We don’t intend you to mistrust every other parent, but a vigilant eye may create the difference between life and death.


  • Due to the extra security measures in place, we would request that you bring your sons to school by at least 7.00am. This is to ensure that your sons will be able to enter the school without a rush or being late. Please note that the Main Gate will be closed at exactly 7.30am and any student entering the school after 7.30am will have to enter only through the Pool Gate.
  • Until further notice, we will insist that the children do not bring bags to school. The teachers have prepared worksheets and tutorials for every period of every day and these will be used to do the lessons in school. Your sons will only need to bring a clear pencil case with stationary (Please note, Paper Cutters and other sharp instruments will no longer be permitted in to the school), an empty cardboard file, clear lunch box and a water bottle.
  • Students bringing sports bags, will be expected to leave the bags in the sports complex before school. These too will be checked by the prefects and security to ensure safety.
  • All students will be expected to bring 2 Postal ID sized photographs on the first day of school with the Name, Admission Number, Class, and Emergency Contact number written at the back. This will be signed by the Warden/Sub Warden and laminated and returned to the students on the next day. All students will have to start wearing and displaying these as temporary identity cards in order to enter school. In the meantime, we will be getting identity proper identity cards printed for the students. More details of which will be informed to you by the Parent Teacher Association.
  • Parents are advised not to panic and rush to the school to pick up your sons upon hearing of an emergency. Your sons will be safe within the school, and to travel during an emergency may cause a bigger threat to the students. Please check with the school, before you rush to the school to pick them up.


Security measures put in place, to ensure safety within the school

  • We have installed CCTV cameras, increased the strength of the security force, and strengthened the perimeter around the school. To keep the threat outside the school is the main intention of the newly formed Security Advisory Council which comprises of old boys who have served in the military and the police or who still do so and others from the School. The Security Committee is being advised by senior Thomian military and police officials as well as security experts.
  • The entire school will be checked by the Police and the Forces on the day before school starts to ensure that the area is cleared of any threat.
  • At the start of each day, the school’s security staff will be conducting a search on the outer and inner perimeter of the school.
  • A group of prefects and staff will conduct a search of each and every classroom to ensure that it is safe before students are allowed to enter the section.
  • A school wide PA system which will be used to communicate potential threats to the students will be installed.
  • Drills and other appropriate training have been conducted for the staff and students too will be trained in due course as to how to respond in a crisis or emergency situation, in order for all to be aware of what one must do in such cases. Staff have also received training in basic first aid.
  • Posters with important numbers will be displayed in each classroom to be called only in an emergency by teachers.
  • The special Hotline, which is now monitored by the Sub Warden will be available for any parent to call and notify of any potential danger to the school and the students. 077 1918 777

This is not the first time that S. Thomas’ College has had to face situations of this nature. I can assure you that we have taken every possible precaution to ensure a safe working environment within the School. However, these are difficult days and we ask that all parents act with wisdom and understanding and right judgement when confronted with so much news on the media and social media. Please don’t rush to make rash decisions based on hearsay. Always check with the School authorities if you are unsure of anything with regard to the security measures in force.

We are also very conscious that the Thomian family comprises children and staff from all ethnic and religious communities and one of the features of our common life is the harmonious coexistence that has prevailed through different national crises throughout our history. I wish to remind all parents to be mindful of the conversations that you have around the home and appeal to you all to underline the basic values of the School with regard to upholding tolerance and respect for persons of different ethnicities and religious views. We will not tolerate any form of religious or racial hate speech on the campus by anyone, staff or student and will view such breaches of our common life. We at S. Thomas’ College stand for One Nation – One People – One Future and we will not compromise.

At such times of national crisis our prayers become one as we pray for peace, for harmony and for the victory of tolerance and love over prejudice and hate.

With peace and blessings to all,

The Rev’d Marc Billimoria


02nd May 2019