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VACANCIES IN GRADE 6 – 2023 Sinhala/ Tamil Medium

Applications are called for limited vacancies in the above Grade. Students who have passed the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination – 2022 with high marks may apply. Involvement in sports and other extra-curricular activities will be given due consideration.

Those who wish to apply should visit to purchase and submit the application form online during the period 30/01/2023 to 12/02/2023.

The cost of an application form is Rs.1,000/- (non refundable)
No application forms will be sent or accepted by post.

Submitting an application does not guarantee admission.


Reopening the Primary School

Further to the notice issued by the Ministry of Education, we are absolutely delighted to announce  the reopening of the Primary School (all grades from Kindergarten to Upper III) on Tuesday the  26th of October 2021 according to the schedule given in this circular. Please read through the  circular and note all the information given herein.  

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