Aeronautical Society

The Aeronautical Society is a group of students who are interested in the field of Aeronautics.

Art Club

The Art Club promotes the creativity and artistic skills of students. We involve in many art projects, exhibitions etc

Association of Innovation and Design

"Since the re-establishment of this association in January 2021 after a period of inactivity, The Association of....

Association of Science and Technology

The Association of Science and Technology thrives to promote scientific consensus within the school.

Automobile Club

The Automobile Club is a group of Students from the lower fourth form to the College form “A” who are interested in th

Buddhist Students’ Association

This society's main goal is being an ain to all children as well as adults who strive hard to live their daily life.

Canto Perpetua Choir

The Canto Perpetua Choir is a part of the schools choral body that engages in musical & choral activities.

Carnatic Orchestra

The Carnatic Orchestra spreads the light and essence of Carnatic music, throughout college and enlightens the students

Classical Music Association

A club that provides a platform for students to gain and share their musical knowledge whilst giving the opportunity

Commerce Society

The Commerce Society of S. Thomas’ College has been a frontier society that has contributed to changing the thinking