Aeronautical Society

The Aeronautical Society is a group of students who are interested in the field of Aeronautics.

Art Club

The Art Club promotes the creativity and artistic skills of students. We involve in many art projects, exhibitions etc

Association of Innovation and Design

"Since the re-establishment of this association in January 2021 after a period of inactivity, The Association of....

Association of Science and Technology

The Association of Science and Technology thrives to promote scientific consensus within the school.

Automobile Club

The Automobile Club is a group of Students from the lower fourth form to the College form “A” who are interested in th

Buddhist Students’ Association

This society's main goal is being an ain to all children as well as adults who strive hard to live their daily life.

Canto Perpetua Choir

The Canto Perpetua Choir is a part of the schools choral body that engages in musical & choral activities.

Carnatic Orchestra

The Carnatic Orchestra spreads the light and essence of Carnatic music, throughout college and enlightens the students

Classical Music Association

A club that provides a platform for students to gain and share their musical knowledge whilst giving the opportunity

Commerce Society

The Commerce Society of S. Thomas’ College has been a frontier society that has contributed to changing the thinking

Cubing Society

Cubing helps improve memory & problem-solving skills, makes one’s reflexes faster and keeps the mind active.

Culinary Arts Society

The Culinary Arts Society is a society mainly devoted towards the appreciation of young culinary talents.

English Drama Society

The English drama society of S. Thomas' College was formed in 1872 and is the oldest performing arts society...

English Lit & Debating Society

Being one of the oldest societies College has to offer, we provide students the opportunity to showcase creativity.

Gavel Club

The Gavel Club focuses on the development of the communication skills of students.

Geography Society

The Geography society was found in the year of 2018. The moto of the society is "PROTECT NATURE - SAVE THE FUTURE".

Health Club

The Health Club of S. Thomas College Mount Lavinia has been an active club by contributing to the College community.

Hewisi Band

The Hewisi Band of S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia is one of the main activities in College....

Hindu Students’ Union

The Hindu Students' Union of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia has been a very active club in the past organizing...

Histoarcheo Club

The aim of our Club is to explain to the fellow students the rich heritage and history of our motherland.

HNB Students’ Savings Unit

HNB has been operating a Students’ Savings Units (SSU) at S.Thomas’ College since 1997.

ICT Society

The ICT Society of S. Thomas’ College endeavours to provide a platform for students interested in Information and....

Interact Club

The Interact Club of S. Thomas’ College began in 1983, under the Warden, the late Mr. Neville De Alwis.

Islamic Society

The Islamic society is a religious society in school, where prayers are performed every morning during normal school.

Junior English Lit & Debating Society

The Junior English Literary and Debating Society focuses mainly on bringing out the best in the aspiring future author

Junior Maths Society

The Junior Maths Society is a prominent society in S.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia which has a mission to promote...

Junior Science & Technology

Increasing the knowledge of school children in Science and Technology.

Kennel Club

The Kennel Club of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia has always been an extremely active non-profit Club.

Media Unit

The media unit is a club dedicated towards cultivating a student group who is interested in topics such as journalism.

Photographic Club

The Photographic club of S. Thomas’ College plays a key role not only in documenting the day to day activities of....

Political Science Society

The Political Science Society wishes to change the attitudes and mindsets of the students regarding political issues.

Productive Citizenship Society

The Productive Citizenship Society has been a renowned club since its initiation and has been involved in many activti

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club of S.Thomas' College aims to sharpen the intellect and enrich the worldview of all its members.

Scuba Diving Unit

The S. Thomas’ College Sub-Aqua Club (STCSAC) was founded on the 06th of October 1993.

Radio Club

The Radio Club has been one of the most active clubs in S.Thomas’ since 1926 also making it one of the oldest clubs.

Red Cross Society

The Red Cross society is a niche and important society in the school where first aid is being taught to its members.

Road Safety Patrol

Road safety patrol does their part of helping out the traffic police to reduce traffic around the College.

Senior Environmental Club

The objective of this club is to enable students to develop deeper environmental awareness and engagement....

Seylan Bank Students’ Savings Unit

The bank with a heart

Sinhala Literary & Debating Society

Sinhala Literary and Debating Society is a very important society that contributes to the study of Sinhala....

Society for Social Work & Welfare

Our vision is to ensure the contentment of children and families in need. Our mission is to work with and for the....

Spelling Union

The Spelling Union of the S.Thomas College gives an opportunity for the college students to improve their Vocabulary..

Student Christian Movement

The SCM founded in 1960, has been part and parcel in bringing up God-fearing Christian men for the last 60 years.

Tamil Drama Society

The Tamil Drama society of S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia organises many projects in College....

Tamil Literary and Debating Society

Tamil Literary and Debating society of S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia has successfully completed its 76th year.

The Ternion

The Ternion is a body dedicated to reporting current affairs of College in terms of sports, academics as well as speci

Thomian Union

The Thomian Union is the Society dedicated towards uplifting and instilling the true Thomian values within the student

United Nations Club

The United Nations Club in the past decade has revolved around helping the community in accordance with the UN Charter

Western Band

The Western Band of S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, was established in 1970, during the tenure of Warden Anandanaya

Wildlife Society

The Wildlife Society is one of the oldest natural history clubs in the Island. Our society has seen great naturalists.