IAL Results 2021

Despite the numerous obstacles, the rapid changes, and the uncertainties, the students of the International A/level section achieved new heights in the results they produced at the Summer 2021 International A/S Level and A/Level examination held in May. These grades were achieved solely by the students, by performing exceptionally well in the unseen examination conducted by Pearson and marked by external examiners. Further, 99% of the syllabus was covered online with only a few sessions of revision held in school. Yet the boys persevered and did not give up on themselves, their teachers, or the school. 

Their biggest source of strength and encouragement was a group of highly committed teachers who did not restrict their teaching to the usual school hours, but went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that all the boys were well prepared for the unseen exam. 

The success of the online study programme is such that even when the school reopens in physical form, the International A/Level section will continue to hold onto the positives of online learning to create independent learners and thinkers.

Results summary

A2 Level – 34 candidates completed the A/level exam completing all units with 16 students obtaining at least 1A* and 19 students obtaining at least 1A grade. 

AS Level – while 39 candidates completed the exam by sitting for all AS level units, 43 students obtaining at least 1 A grade. 

The following are the high achievers who must be commended.

May 2021 – IAL High Performers – A Level

Students with A*s for all their subjects6
Students with A*s and As8
Students with As for all subjects 2

May 2021 – IAL High Performers – AS level

Students with As for all their subjects20
Students with As and a B3

Headmistress – International A/Level Section