Ongoing projects

  • A new Cricket Pavilion and visitors changing room is going to be constructed on the Big Club Grounds next to the existing pavilion.
  • The upper floor of the Sports complex will be leased out to Fitness Kingdom, who will put up a structure and run a professional gym, and provide an upgraded gym for the school boys where the existing gym is.
  • More classrooms will be equipped with smart boards to improve the teaching – learning experience in the school
  • An upgrade to the existing sports complex is being looked at. This will provide a far bigger and better facility. After the upgrade, we will be able to have Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, indoor Basketball and indoor Hockey.
  • Distance teaching / learning centre or e-learning centre where the teacher and students are all using smart devices and where learning takes place far more efficiently.
  • Class of 2000 will be installing a water purification system for all the water points in the school, allowing for clean water to be available at any given tap for consumption.
  • Upgrade to the kitchen in order to provide the best facilities for hygienic cooking and serving of food in the Dining Hall.
  • Main Hall Air Conditioning project, spearheaded by Mr B.A. Mahipala from BAM Green. Due to the increase in heat and the number of students, events such as assembly, Prize Giving, Nativity has become extremely uncomfortable. This is project will aim to air condition the hall.
  • New and improved Rifle Range with state of the art equipment and shooting facility, to be shared between Riffle Shooting and Archery.