Resources for Parents and Children

Resources for Parents  CDC (English, Sinhalese, Tamil) (CDC Center for Disease Control, USA)

Free eBook for Adults-

Resources for Children with Parental Supervision!

Free activity sheets for kids to cope with COVID19

Free Audio Books

Activities and programmes for kids

Online resources: Please read instructions carefully before logging in!

  • BrainPop-younger kids
  • Curiosity Stream-older kids
  • Outschool-older kids
  • Khan Academy-kids all ages
  • Starfall-K-3
  • PBS kids-K-3

YouTube Channels: with or without Subscription-Recommended for Older Kids with parental guidance

  • Crash Course Kids
  • Science Channel
  • SciShow Kids
  • National Geographic Kids
  • Free School
  • Geography Focus
  • TheBrainScoop-human biology
  • Kids Learning Tube
  • Mike Likes Science
  • Science Max
  • SoulPancake   

Learn at Home-All ages

Virtual tour of 12 famous museums online                                                               

Learning websites