Above the West end of the Chapel is the gallery, which houses the organ. It is reached by a spiral staircase and is without windows, originally to protect the organ from the deleterious effects of the monsoons, but which makes the loft very uncomfortable. On the 20th of February 1938 the Hammond organ, gifted by Sir Stewart Schneider, was used for the first time. On 24th of March Bishop Carpenter-Garnier dedicated the organ in his farewell service. The Allen Digital Computer System organ was dedicated for the use of the Chapel on the 21st of February 1986. Mr. K. C. ‘Marko’ Markalanda played a significant role in raising funds for the Allen organ. Presently, both these organs are preserved in the College museum. On the 13th of February 2014, at a special choral evensong, the new Johannus Ecclesia D570 was installed in the Chapel to enrich its worship. The old Johannus Sweelinck 30 installed in 2000 is currently played by students of the school who would like to develop their skills as Church organists. In the purchase, installation and maintenance of the two Johannus organs, the expert advice of Mr. Neranjan de Silva has been of immense value to the school. Mr. Eddie Appathurai has also been a staunch benefactor of the choir and the chapel at all times. At the occasion of the installation of the new Johannus Ecclesia D570, a new Hymn Book which was compiled especially for the use of the Chapel and school community was donated by an Old Boy of the school and was dedicated for the Glory of God.

 The Hammond Organ  The Allen Digital Computer System  Johannus Sweelinck 30 Johannus Ecclesia D570 

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