Thomian Empowerment

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a great leader? Did you ever ponder on what truly makes a man an exemplary leader? Here’s the best opportunity for Thomians to learn a few highly required areas by leaders and even successful and exemplary citizens.

Thomian Empowerment is a leadership program through which we hope to mold and graft young Thomians into true leaders, with the insight of two professionals: Mr. Sanjeev Jayaratnam and Mrs. Sonia Jayasinghe. This program will be carried forward in two (2) phases. Phase (I) will be focusing on two topics. Namely: Effective and Confident Speaking and Position Applying. Phase one (I) aims to help all students learn and master the art of speaking with eloquence and create strong interpersonal connections with people from all walks of life and how one is expected to apply for positions inside and outside of college. We hope to conduct a question-and-answer-based discussion to ensure that all participants would indefinitely go into society as confident personalities who carry themselves well whilst truly defining the name of the school through their actions and speech. The prime objective of Phase (II) is to help students understand the art of leading and carrying out activities in various organizations efficiently and accurately. This will be a workshop based on the protocols and procedures followed by all the clubs, societies, associations, and offices of the College.

Date : 3rd July 2021
Time: 10.00 am
Guest Speakers: Mr. Sanjeev Jayaratnam, Mrs. Sonia Jayasinghe