U16 Rugby: The 2nd Annual Encounter for the M. E. C. Perera Trophy

The Under 16 Rugby Football Team of S.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia, took on the Under 16 team of Science College, for the M. E. C. Perera Trophy at the Science College Grounds, in Mount Lavinia, on the 16th of September 2022.

Mr. M.E.C.Perera and his wife were special guests at the encounter. Mr Perera has been a prominent figure in the development of Junior Rugby at both schools as he was not only an old boy of S.Thomas’ who coached junior rugby at ‘the school by the sea’ but also coached the Rugby team at Science College for a number of years..
Science College kicked-off and with the first whistle, the game was off to a good start, with the Thomians receiving the ball well and going for the first hit. As the Thomian fly-half made a clearing kick, the full-back of Science made a 30m dash through the Thomian line and with the support of his team, he scored the first try of the match under the post.

Through the first half, the game was  very competitive. Despite the Thomian defense there were several breakthroughs from the Science team.

However, there was one near breakthrough by the Thomian half-back who dashed 40m but due to the lack of support the opponents regained the ball once again. 

By half-time, the score was 21 to 0 in favour of Science College. Nonetheless, the Thomians never lost hope as they envisioned a better comeback in the second half. As a result, at the start of the second half , the Thomians received a line-out at the 5m line and with the power of their forwards’ maul, they shoved the Science team,scored their first try and converted it. This was followed by two more tries by Science College..

The Thomians scored another try, but unfortunately missed the conversion. In the end, the home team secured the victory and the M. E. C. Perera Trophy that had been won by S. Thomas’ in 2019 .

Full Time – S. Thomas’ College 12 (2T 1C) – Science College 35 (5T 5C)