Jana Gee by students of the Lower Secondary School

Recorded by the students of Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Lower IV to Lower VI) together with their teacher Mrs. Lakshani Amarathunga, this video is a compilation of a variety of Jana Gee (Folk Songs).

Many villagers, whose occupations were tiring and stressful, chose to relieve their stress, loneliness and sorrow by singing such folk songs, which often portrayed their difficult and sorrowful life styles due to the nature of their occupation.

These songs have been passed on by generation to generation orally, and have no record of a composer or author, which is a significant feature of folk songs.

The simplicity, lightness and genuineness of these folk songs leave us mesmerized as we listen to them.

Pal kavi, gal kavi, paaru kavi, nelum kavi, Bambara kavi, pathal kavi, kurakkan kavi, goyam kavi, Kamath kavi, nalavili gee, theravili, upadeshathmaka gee and ashirwadathmaka gee are among a variety of folk songs that are in use even today.